Buggin’ Out

Termites are pesky little critters.  They eat dead plant material including wood which makes them a threat to any home.  Termites can be a huge problem in certain geographic areas.  Termites love tropical and temperate zones.  Cold weather keeps them away from extreme northern and southern latitudes. Different types of termites are found on every continent except Antarctica.  In the U.S. dry wood termites are only found in the southern states from Virginia to California.  In Washington we share the problem of damp wood termites with coastal California, Oregon and Florida.  So, what’s the problem with these guys?  They can destroy wood components of a home.  If not treated termites can turn a strong support beam into a fragile twig.  But have no fear, if you live in an area of termite threat you can hire pest inspectors to treat your property so termites will not be able to thrive in your living space.  Other wood-destroying organisms to be aware of are:  powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, anobiids, lyctids, bostrichids, shipworms, wood-boring wasps, borers and orchard mason bees.  At AMS, we include a structural pest inspection in every home inspection because wood destroying organisms can be found in Seattle, Wenatchee, Bellevue, Issaquah or even hot and dry Yakima.

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