The Buzz On Common Electricity Installation Problems

FPE Panel

At home inspections it’s common for us to find faulty electrical wiring. Novices or home owners trying to save a buck will attempt to install wiring resulting in serious problems. Insufficient electrical service to the home, poor overload protection, use of unsafe wire materials and splicing errors all may cause potential fire hazards. How old is your house? It’s very common to find aluminum wiring, knob-and-tub wiring, overloaded circuits, limited service panel capacity, insufficient number of outlets and inadequate feeder lines in older homes. FPE and Zinsco panels while very popular at one time are obsolete now. Here’s a tip. Make sure you acquire the proper permits when having work done on your electricity. This will prevent the chance of municipal penalties and keeps a record of your upgrades for future needs. Only hire licensed and bonded professionals that come with a recommendation.  If you live in the Seattle area, Wenatchee or Leavenworth give us a call for recommended professionals.


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