Say No To Roof Leaks!

What’s more important than the roof over your head? If you don’t know how much it costs to replace a roof, look at this. Remodeling magazine’s 2008 Report, estimates that U.S. homeowners will spend an average of $18,825 to replace a roof while the Fine Living website estimates $11,399. Either way, it’s a HUGE investment. A typical asphalt roof will last 15 to 20 years. If your location is susceptible to high winds or extreme climates your roof may require more frequent scheduled maintenance, but basically, every home should be inspected routinely for missing shingles, granulation loss, ineffective flashing or seasonal damage. We suggest you call one of our experienced home inspectors before small leaks become big headaches. You would much rather spend $100-$300 on a repair rather than deal with the issues associated with a leaky roof. This may include drywall rot, molded insulation, floor rot, compromised floor or wall supports. Our home inspectors will get on top of the roof to inspect the condition. Older homes may have multiple roof layers. We’ll let you know if this is causing undue stress on the structure. In Wenatchee we’ll often see asphalt shingle deterioration due to extreme heat exposure. In Seattle we’ve seen ineffective flashing that has resulted in slow leaks. We also recommend cutting back tree limbs and foliage because it can affect your roof and gutters. See our other blog entry:  Gutter Clutter.

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