Fix Bathroom Problems for $20

AMS Inspection checking bathroom
floor with a moisture meter.
I must have said it a million times…ignored maintenance will lead to aggravating headaches. When you go to bed at night and the whole house is quiet can you hear a faucet leaking? For a buck or two you could fix that faucet and save a little on your water bill. Just replace the seal or washer. When you get out of the shower do you have a puddle under the shower door? It’s probably time to tighten or replace your shower door seal or sweep. If not, the water will seep into your floor daily and start to rot the subfloor. This is an easy fix for $10 or less. Finally, we have the toilet. Wobbly toilets are a sign of loose bolts and can lead to a broken wax ring causing water damage to the floor and the ceiling below (if it’s an upstairs bathroom). Wax rings start at about $5, but if you haven’t replaced one before you should consult with a professional. Bottom line…fix leaks and insecure plumbing accessories right away to avoid serious threats of rot, mildew, mold, structural damage and hefty handyman bills. Call our inspectors in the Seattle or Wenatchee area if it’s time for a scheduled maintenance inspection. We’ll let you know what needs your immediate attention.

Replace A Shower Door Sweep:


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