The Charm of Older Homes

foundation wenatchee home inspectionWe have inspected numerous old, turn-of-the-century homes in Leavenworth and Seattle.  You know the ones…charming, romantic, classic, picturesque.  With any home that has a long history you may start to see cracks and minor structural blemishes that need attention.  This could include something minor like cracked plaster or drywall to small movements, bulges or cracks in the foundation. Don’t be too alarmed because this wear should not cause the house to immediately fall apart, but corrective repairs should be taken seriously in order to avoid any real problems.  When looking to buy a home take this into consideration.  Understand that older homes require a little bit more maintenance than newer homes.  In our home inspection reports we’ll point out any areas that need attention, but you must recognize that this is typical of older homes.  Figure out what is more important before narrowing your home search:  age, location, price, size, etc.  Then realize the characteristics of the type of home you are considering.

Here’s a cool site that allows you to search for beautiful, historic Seattle homes:


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