A Puddle of Problems

improper drainage seattle home inspector

improper drainage seattle home inspector

Water is a remarkable liquid.  You know that saying, “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”  This could be said for water.  Without adequate grading (slope adjusting) and drainage a few rain drops may compound into a huge puddle of problems.  The main objective with moisture concerns is to pull the water away from the home.  This is remedied by roof, gutters, downspouts, grading and drainage.  It seems fairly straightforward, but it’s always good to check these components regularly.  Seasonal patterns can affect the integrity of your system.  Ice build-up in the winter can bend gutters.  Leaves will clog downspouts in the fall.  Excessive rains in the spring way erode slopes or wash in debris to your drainage lines.  Check your basement and crawl spaces routinely for signs of moisture.  You may need to amend the grading to channel surface water away from the home if your puddles start turning into small ponds.


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