Top 3 Worst Excuses For Not Getting A Home Inspection


It costs too much.  

Well, it is an added cost, but let’s remember…you are buying a house!  How many thousands of dollars are you going to spend on this investment?  A home inspection typically costs $200-$700 depending on the square footage.  What if the inspector finds an issue that will result in $10,000 of repairs?  Well, the $400 inspection doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore.    

It may hold up the closing.    

An inspection takes about 2 hours.  We email our reports the same day or next morning.  Let’s just say that this part of the purchase process is probably the fastest step.    

 I can get an inspection later if I feel that I need one.    

Yeah, you sure could, but it may be a little late.  If you get the inspection before the purchase is final you may have a valuable tool for negotiations.    

We love what we do.  We inspect homes in some of the most beautiful cities in America:  Seattle, Wenatchee, Chelan and more.  Our home inspections are the best investment you’ll make in preparing to own a home.  Right now we are getting a lot of calls for pre-listing inspections because sellers are aware of cautious buyers.  We are happy to answer any questions about the inspection process.  

seattle home inspector

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