Selling your house? Order a “pre-listing” home inspection in Wenatchee & Seattle areas to sell fast and increase your profit.

Give yourself an edge in this tough market with a pre-listing inspection.  Most folks only order an inspection when they are purchasing a home.  We believe home sellers have a lot to gain when they order an inspection before their home goes up for sale.  Here are a few reasons:

Sell your home faster!  Put your best foot forward from the beginning and let buyers know that you have nothing to hide.

Receive better offers when you have disclosed the true condition of the property with a pre-listing inspection report.  Avoid “low ball offers.”

Eliminate price negotiations based on the buyer’s inspection.  If you’ve priced the home based on the pre-listing inspection’s findings then you’ve decreased the reasons for price negotiations after mutual acceptance.

Avoid walk-away buyers by removing surprises.  Frustrated buyers will often walk away from a deal when the inspection report exposes concealed repairs.

The price is right!  Resolve all issues before the house goes on the market and price it accordingly.  Don’t want to fix it?  Reflect the current condition in the listing price.

Increase profits when you have completed the repairs yourself.  Even minor findings in the buyer’s inspection can result in profit losses.  The buyer will frequently provide the highest contractor bid while you would have chosen the best value bid.

We’ve seen a greater interest in pre-listing inspections recently.  Motivated sellers are using this effective tool to sell their home faster.


2 responses to “Selling your house? Order a “pre-listing” home inspection in Wenatchee & Seattle areas to sell fast and increase your profit.

  1. how much does it cost to have an inspection?

  2. Our inspections start at $300 and costs vary depending on the age and size of the home.

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