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Washington building industry to recover by end of 2012.

Our Wenatchee home inspection company is a member of the North Central Home Builders Association.  In the May/June issue of the Building Industry Association of Washington’s Building Insight Newsletter they included the chart below.  The green states show the best recovery predicted from 18 months from now.  These are promising numbers.  It is careful to note that the building demand may return but the cost of building may also increase.  With many out-of-work skilled laborers finding different jobs and mills shutting down during this construction lull the labor and materials may be in short supply and thus increasing the cost of new homes.  Those that are able to make investments right now are in a fine position to get the best deals.

Wenatchee Home Inspections

Source: BIAW Building Insight May/June 2011

Real Estate Data Reports from WSU

Washington State University’s School of Business created the Washington State Center for Real Estate Research in 1989.  You can visit the WSU page to view data reports.  They provide useful information, research and analysis of the current real estate market.  Reports include apartment market surveys, county home sales reports, regional planning profiles and many others.  There is even an option to “Build Your Own Report” using data collected since 1993.  You can customize the reports to view monthly, quarterly or yearly performance of housing markets statewide or by county.  While they offer plenty of free information WSU also provides a yearly subscription to detailed market information delivered to you quarterly for $60 per year.  You can view the 1st Quarter Housing Market Snapshot of Washington State counties here: