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No Fungus Among Us

We usually correlate a bathroom exhaust fan with the need to eliminate odors, but these fans play an important role in controlling excessive moisture.  Hot water steams in the shower or sink promoting damp air to hang in the bathroom unless a fan pulls that moisture out of the enclosed space.  The fan prevents the moisture from accumulating.  If you don’t use an exhaust fan there could be problems with mold, mildew, fungus and warped wood in cabinets or doors.  The fan stabilizes the humidity and keeps fixtures, walls, windows and mirrors dry.  Next time you take a hot shower, turn on that exhaust fan.  If you’re looking to upgrade your fan they are really affordable and easy to install.  You have options for heat lamps, timers, low noise, etc.  We’ll often see moisture damage in bathrooms due to poor ventilation.  Just the other day in Seattle I saw a bathroom windowsill with peeling paint and obvious moisture damage.