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Energy Code and Green Homes: Blower Door Tests

Washington is just one of many states that have adopted the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) that raises the standard for construction design in residential and commercial structures.  This blower door testing ensures that homes are efficiently sealed.

“The new national energy code includes mandatory blower-door testing for building air leakage (less than <3.0 ACH at 50 pascals), which will measure how well contractors have sealed up penetrations between the outdoors and indoor conditioned space. This testing will be required for all projects permitted after the new code goes into effect. Some states have made modifications to the adopted code, such as Illinois which has changed the ACH rate to 5.0 ACH @ 50.  View our archived July 12 webinar to learn more about IL Energy Code changes.”

AMS Inspection performs blower door tests throughout King, Snohomish, Chelan and Douglas Counties.  We’ve worked with developers such as Quadrant Homes and Seattle-Pacific Homes.

Source:  2012 IECC Energy Code vs Green Home Certifications, Jason La Fleur, LEED AP on July 9, 2012

AMS Inspection Services is a home inspection company based out of Leavenworth, WA, with inspectors in Seattle, Wenatchee and throughout Chelan and Douglas counties.  AMS Inspection performs blower door tests for new construction projects.